Upcoming workshops


Rough Vocal Effects Workshop (DE) @ Hochschule für Musik Mainz 14.06.24

Rough Vocal Effects Workshop (DE) @ ATZ Mönchengladbach 29.06.24

Belting & Mixed Voice Workshop (DE) @ Musik & Kosmos Leipzig 27.07.24

With Gregory West & Ivan Mihaljevic: Vocal Summer School (EN) 05. – 11.08.24

Rough Vocal Effects Workshop (DE) @ Musik & Kosmos Leipzig 24.08.24

Praktisch Didaktisch Online Workshop (DE) 14.09.24

Vom Fry zum Fry Scream Workshop (DE) @ Harsh Vocal Camp Hannover 05.10.24

For the Belting & Mixed Voice Workshop in Leipzig, click here!
For the Rough Vocal Effects workshop in Leipzig, click here!
The Rough Vocal Effects workshops in Mainz and Mönchengladbach are already fully booked!
For all other workshops, registration will be possible soon!

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