Here’s an overview of my upcoming and previous concerts, workshops and other events.


Luna Luna @ Schauspiel Leipzig 12.01.23

Luna Luna @ Schauspiel Leipzig 29.01.23

Luna Luna @ Schauspiel Leipzig 17.02.23

LIVE² Singer-Songwriter-Salon @ Mühlkeller Leipzig 23.02.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Lieder der Märzrevolution 1848 @ WABE Berlin 01.03.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Record Release @ Galerie KUB Leipzig 11.03.23

Luna Luna @ Schauspiel Leipzig 24.03.23

Luna Luna @ Schauspiel Leipzig 16.04.23

Rough Vocal Effects Workshop @ SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts 28.04.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Gedenkfeier @ Friedhof der Märzgefallenen Berlin 04.06.23

With Aprox: Buchpräsentation @ Osthof Studio Leipzig 09.06.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Folk im Gehege @ Gehege Leipzig 23.06.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Stelzenfestspiele @ Reuth 25.06.23

With Waldzitherpunk: WasserStraßenMusikFest @ MS Weltfrieden Leipzig 30.06.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Summer Jam @ Caracan Leipzig 15.07.23

With Waldzitherpunk: ProFolk-Bühne @ Bardentreffen Nürnberg 23.07.23

Best Of LIVE² Singer-Songwriter-Salon @ Mühlstraße 14 Leipzig 28.07.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Private Concert @ Schloss Wachern 27.08.23

Freiberger Kneipennacht @ SIZ Freiberg 09.09.23

Freiberger Herbstnacht @ SIZ Freiberg 08.10.23

With Waldzitherpunk: Leipziger Lerche @ Neues Schauspiel Leipzig 05.11.23

Rough Vocal Effects Workshop @ Neue Musik Leipzig 11.11.23

Rough Vocal Effects Workshop @ Menthonnex-sous-Clermont, France 09.12.23


With Waldzitherpunk: Traditionskonzert @ naTo Leipzig 04.02.24


Here’s an overview of my music.

Toni Linke
Pale Lilac


Here’s an overview of my pedagogical activities.

Free Material

A collection of publicly available learning resources including my YouTube tutorial series on rough vocal effects, my Collected Monologues series on diverse singing-related phenomena, links to Dropbox folders with scientific literature, sound examples and much more…

Private Lessons

I believe that far more people than we might think can learn to do far more sounds than we might think, and it is my mission as a vocal coach to help as many of those interested as possible. You can read more about my philosophy, conditions and fields of work here:

Presentations & Workshops

You can book me for presentations & workshops about rough vocal effects, belting and other topics I specialize in, just write me an e-mail and we can arrange something. In 2023, I will give workshops at the SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts on April 28th and the Leipzig Neue Musik School of Music on November 11th as well as a two-day workshop in France, starting on December 9th.